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The 2013 PROSE Awards winners were announced February 6, 2014 at the PROSE Awards Luncheon in Washington, DC. Click here for a complete list of 2013 PROSE winners.

The list of all entries that were in competition for the 2013 PROSE Awards can be found here!

Letter from the Chairman

Dear PSP, AAP and AAUP Members,

Once again that time of year is upon us—when publishers from across the country compete for more than 50 prizes, including the prestigious R.R. Hawkins Award, presented by the Professional and Scholarly Publishing (PSP) Division of the Association of American Publishers (AAP). As a member of the PSP Executive Council and Chairman of the American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (the PROSE Awards), I invite you to submit your outstanding professional or scholarly work for the 2013 Awards. In 2012, for the fifth year running, the PROSE Awards broke its submissions record. With 518 entries from more than 70 PSP, AAP and Association of American University Presses (AAUP) member companies, PROSE received more submissions from more publishers than ever before in the 37-year history of the PSP awards program. The 2012 PROSE program featured increased social media presence through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, including a live Twitter feed at the Awards Luncheon and via webcast; the creation of another dynamic multimedia presentation for the Luncheon ceremony, including the short film, The Curators (now available for viewing on the PROSE website and on YouTube); and the live webcast of the PROSE Awards Luncheon from Washington, DC, drawing viewers from across the globe.

Now entering its 38th year, PROSE is expanding its eligibility requirements to create a more inclusive program that better represents the members of our organization and the exceptional works they produce. With the AAP’s recent acquisition of the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP), now the AAP’s new PreK-12 Educational Group, all former AEP members are now AAP members and will therefore be eligible for the 2013 PROSE Awards. Additionally, as the AEP has its own awards program – and will continue to operate it as a separate program under the Pre-K-12 Educational Group aegis – PROSE will extend a special invitation to enter our competition to any non-AEP member who participated in the 2013 AEP Awards. As in previous years, all members of AAP, PSP and the AAUP will be eligible for the 2013 PROSE Awards.

This year, PROSE will continue to increase its strong social media presence by engaging Facebook and Twitter followers with interactive contests and prizes, and to generate more promotion and publicity for participants and winners pre- and post-Awards. The 2013 Awards Luncheon will feature the premiere of another new, specially produced film; more multimedia presentations and new special guests; and, again, the ceremony will be webcast live and feature a Twitter feed so that publishers at the Awards Luncheon and those watching via webcast can experience our dynamic ceremony and hear the announcement of the 2013 winners in real time.

PROSE highly encourages publishers to submit their book cover art with their entries for use in multimedia presentations. Again, these presentations will debut at the Awards Luncheon and by webcast, and PROSE will post these presentations online at and on YouTube, which means invaluable exposure for submitting publishers. The 2013 PROSE Awards also offer publishers an increased chance of winning a prize: there are no limits on the number of submissions per publisher in any category; the books and journals categories have been expanded to encourage publishers to submit both print and electronic products; and there are more categories than ever before. The Awards Committee strongly encourages publishers to provide more information about their submissions by including a 250-word description of their entry and additional materials in the form of published reviews; reader reports; and/or editor, publisher or writer endorsements. These materials help immensely in the judging process.

Further details on judging criteria and eligibility rules, as well as the entry form, can be found in the Call for Entries on the PROSE website at Please contact the PSP Division at 212.255.0326 with any additional questions.

I sincerely hope that you will answer the call by submitting your most exceptional works for consideration for the 2013 PROSE Awards.

Best regards,

John A. Jenkins
President Emeritus, CQ Press
Chairman, 2013 Prose Awards

Highlights of the 2013 Awards

  • Expanded eligibility requirements, including eligibility for members of:
    • Association of American Publishers (AAP) – including members of the AAP’s Pre-K-12 Learning Group; formerly the Association of Educational Publishers (AEP)
    • Association of American University Presses (AAUP)
    • Professional & Scholarly Publishing Division (PSP) of AAP
    • And a special invitation to participants in the 2013 AEP Awards that are not AEP, AAP/PSP, or AAUP members
  • 54 available prizes – more than ever before
  • 5 "best of" awards chosen from more than 49 book, reference, journal and eproduct categories
  • 41 book subject categories for which traditional print, electronic publications and print/electronic packages are eligible
  • 6 electronic product awards – including a new Best App category
  • 2 journals awards for which electronic journals are eligible
  • No maximum limit to submissions per publisher in any category
  • Awards seals available for winners in sticker and electronic format to promote their win
  • PSP Electronic Information Committee and Journals Committee collaborating throughout the planning and judging periods
  • Judges tweeting live from inside the judging deliberations room
  • Dynamic awards ceremony featuring the debut of another new film created specially for the 2013 PROSE Awards; a multimedia presentation surveying all the 2013 entries as well as the winners; special guests presenting the top prizes; and the Hawkins winner speech
  • Live webcast of the 2013 Awards Luncheon featuring a Twitter feed so that the audience at the ceremony and those watching via webcast from around the world can experience the vibrant ceremony and the announcement of the winners in real time
  • Multimedia presentations on 2013 entries and winners, and videos of the entire luncheon ceremony, including the Hawkins winner speech, to be posted on and on YouTube, offering increased and invaluable exposure to entry titles and presses
  • Engaging social media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

Call for Entries

The PROSE Awards recognize books, reference works, journals and electronic products that best exemplify a sound contribution to professional and scholarly publishing, maintaining both the highest editorial standards and the highest standards of design and production consistent with the objectives of the project.

The Call for Entries provides instructions on what to enter and how to enter the 2013 PROSE Awards including:
  • List of Award Categories
  • Rules for Eligibility
  • Entry Guidelines
  • Required Entry Information
  • Entry Form
The 2013 PROSE entry period is closed and the winners have been announced. The complete list of 2013 PROSE winners can be found here.

Letter From the Chairman
Highlights of the 2013 Awards
Call for Entries Booklet and Entry Form

2013 PROSE Winners Announced
The 2013 PROSE Awards
recipients were announced
at an Awards Luncheon on
February 6, 2014 at the
Ritz Carlton Hotel in
Washington, D.C.
Complete list of PROSE Winners