Myer Kutz

Myer Kutz has headed his own firm, Myer Kutz Associates, Inc., since 1990. For the past several years, he has focused on developing engineering handbooks and encyclopedias on a wide range of technical topics, such as mechanical, materials, biomedical, transportation, and environmentally conscious engineering, for a number of publishers, including Wiley, McGraw-Hill, and Elsevier. Earlier, his firm supplied consulting services to a large client roster, including Fortune 500 companies, scientific societies, and large and small publishers. The firm published two major multi-client studies, “The Changing Landscape for College Publishing” and “The Developing Worlds of Personalized Information.” Before starting his independent consultancy, Kutz held a number of positions at Wiley, including acquisitions editor, director of electronic publishing, and vice president for scientific and technical publishing. He holds engineering degrees from MIT and RPI and worked in the aerospace industry. In addition to his edited reference works, he is the author of eight books, including, most recently, "In the Grip", a psychological mystery, and earlier“Temperature Control”, published by Wiley, “Rockefeller Power”, published by Simon and Schuster, and "Midtown North", published under the name Mike Curtis.


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